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WordPress Website Backup With Easy Steps

Backups of a website are one of the most important, which are commonly overlooked. A professional web hosting company does backups for WordPress site regularly to protect all the work put into your WordPress site or blog. Only if you take backups seriously, your website is protected during a disaster or severe crashes. Web hosting company makes regular backups of every website to restore safety your site.

WordPress Website Backup With Easy Steps

Why Backups of The Hosting Company Not Sufficient?

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t rely on web hosting companies:

  • The foremost reason of not being dependent on Hosting Company is that their backups aren’t specifically designed for WordPress, which means they may not be helpful. Apart from that the backups are not be regularly scheduled, so they do not have enough database in case of a disaster.
  • Most of the companies are unable to restore a single site from hosting company backups as they are programmed to restore all sites in your account altogether.
  • The companies don’t notify when the backups fail, so there is always an ambiguity about whether there is data when you need it. Due to this, your hosting companies are not as responsive as you think they should be when you need to restore the backup.

Therefore, you need to maintain your own set of backups for protecting the data using software designed for WordPress. With this you have full control over when to make backups, where to store the backup, and how to recover data from back up.

When you start maintaining your backups, you can easily migrate your site to a new host, different versions on another server without testing or development which saves a lot of time and effort.

WordPress Database

WordPress database includes every post, comment, and link on your website or blog. If due to some reasons your database is corrupted or erased by mistake, there are chances to lose everything written. A proper backup of your WordPress websites database and files ensures that if you lose something, you can quickly restore things to normal.

  • Some software has instructions to back up your WordPress site with Automatic WordPress backup options to avoid losing any data in any case. Almost every software provides continuous support to help you through the process.
  • Site backups are quite essential to be ready to face all the problems that may inevitably occur, to be completely ready to take action when disaster strikes. So, after spending some time to make an easy, convenient backup of your website or blog, it will give you ample of time to be creative and productive with your website. Depending on the frequency of your blog, you should decide either to regularly or weekly create a backup for your database to ensure even a few posts are not lost.
  • They should keep at least three backups at three different places or forms, to be ready in case a single backup becomes corrupted or damaged.

The automated backup process is available, to prevent losing any data. However, every professional recommends that with auto backups, there should be manual backup once in a while to guarantee everything is backed up.

Backing Up Your WordPress Website

Every WordPress backup has two parts to back up: Database and Files. With the backup of the entire site, you also need to back up your WordPress database for various server programs. Every WordPress site consists of WordPress Core installation, WordPress plugins, themes, images and files, JavaScript, PHP, and other code files. It also takes backup of the additional files and static web pages.

  • All these are required in different combinations to generate your WordPress website. The database has posts, data generated on your site, but it is not sufficient to create the same look and information on your site. Everything needs to be saved for recreating the entire website.
  • That is why most hosts back up the entire server, with your site. It takes some time when you request hosting companies a copy of your site from their backups, which is required for a speedy recovery. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to back up your site files and restore them.

Always check that the software provided by the website hosts to back up your site provides the services and programs your need. They should allow you to sync and create a keep a mirror copy of the content on your server. To save space, users can compress the entire backup into a zip file to save space, and keep several versions. SaskatoonTech provides an extremely quick and easy way to back up your WordPress website.